About Us


My name is Beatriz Gonzalez, I come from Madrid, Spain.

My passion for food and cooking started when I was 20 years old. I had my own restaurant with my twin sister, who is the best cook in the world!!!

... besides my mother of course!

Our great curiosity to learn about cooking took us to kitchens in London, Paris and Italy. These places are world reknowned for their high level of cooking, which in turn, helped us develop our culinary skills
Today, I live in New Zealand, with the love of my life and our two sons, Diego and Lucas , my best recipes!

From here I share with you the simplicity and good taste of our Spanish gastronomy.

Spanish tortilla, with meat or vegetarian are a clear example of our cuisine, setting one goal: SHARE ANYTIME!

Always cooked with high quality products and with much love! Enjoy!

Gracias y que aproveche!