Traditional Mediterranean food

  • omelette4

    Spanish Tortilla

    Spanish omelette is simply sliced potatoes, onions, eggs and olive oil.  Is one of Spain's great comfort foods, enjoyed in every corner of Spain. Enjoy warm from the pan as a meal or hours later as a snack. learn more

    Empanada Gallega ( Galician pie )

    Empanada is a layer of dough is rolled out and filled with  Tuna  or Pork, including onions, tomatoes and peppers, then baked to golden perfection. Great snack or a meal unto itself! learn more
  • omelettebacon5

    Spanish Tortilla with bacon

    At its most basic, Spanish omelette is simply sliced potatoes, onions, bacon,  eggs and olive oil. learn more
  • paella valenciana

    Paella Valenciana

    Paella's main ingredients are chiken or seafood baked with saffron rice and vegetables. This festive rice dish is great for parties and family gatherings.Our paellas are prepared fresh. learn more